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Our System and Our Prices

How it Works

Step 1: Our websites are already at the Top of Google all across America.

Step 2: We put YOUR NAME all over the websites for your city, in whatever practice area you like. You get exclusive listings - we don't put anyone on except you. The practice areas available are:

  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal
  • Family/Divorce
  • Immigration
  • Real Estate
  • Estate/Probate

Each department consists of between 1 and 6 websites.

Step 3: You pay "by the hit" only.

Step 4: You start answering the phone from all the NEW CLIENT's that are going to call you.

More Features of Our Program

  • Each month you receive a Google Analytics Report, which itemizes every hit your estate and probate websites received that month - right down to telling you what words people typed into Google to bring them to your sites. A separate report issues for each site. The reports are extremely detailed and really quite amazing. They come right from Google.

  • We have no long term contracts.

  • You can quit anytime you like, without penalty.
  • There are no minimum fees - you pay "by the hit" only. No hits, no pay. There are no tricks anywhere. Pay by cheque only.

  • YOUR NAME will be at the Top of Google - right away.

  • We make these websites appear to be YOURS in every respect. We put your logo, your pictures, contact info, Google map to your office etc. all over them.

Our Prices
Our prices for Practice Specific websites range from $1.21 to $6.12 per hit, depending on the Practice Area.

Our Prices
Our prices for Practice Specific websites range from $1.21 to $6.12 per hit, depending on the Practice Area.

Practice Area
Price Per Hit
Personal Injury
Real Estate

These prices are less than many online advertisers charge for hits for attorneys - and you get the whole website with it, not just stray clicks. Our system is the best. We have never had a client quit once they have started - and some of our client's have been with us for years.


We will make your phone ring with new clients.

Call Us Today:
(360) 306-5402


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